Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

American Renaissance: Diversity Perversity

CNN Just Admitted This Is Quickly Becoming A Two Man Race Between Romney And Protest Candidate Ron Paul

The Push is On! Canadian, U.S. Public Schools Continue to Promote Sodomy

The effects of immigration on England.

Pat Buchanan is being purged.

4 more years – of this?

Ron Paul: “The Second Coming Of Buchananism”?

Giant African rats in New York...

Gates of Vienna: The End of the Dream


Young Widow defends her home and baby and more here

Astute Utah Cops See Through Perp's Claim That She Was TV’s Rudy Huxtable

USDA says it will close 259 offices

America's farmlands to be carpet-bombed with Vietnam-era Agent Orange

Censorbugbear reports...: all whites barred from JOB MARKET: anc-paper

The World’s Most Dishonest Newspaper

Meet the academics who are trying to redefine pedophilia

Orcs do exist!

Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire Following Top-Tier Finish in Iowa

Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future

A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto: Part 4 (Youtube) and 100 Abandoned Houses

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

Sudanese Refugees In Omaha Wrestle With Rise Of Street Gangs

TSA screenings aren't just for airports anymore

Scholars reject Thomas Jefferson sex affair

Amendment VIII: Thomas Jefferson, A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments

Hitler 'gave go-ahead to Rudolf Hess peace mission'

Epic Beard Man- History Revision 2.0 | Phinehas Fury

In ad for newsletter, Ron Paul forecasts "race war"

The Return Of Debtor’s Prisons: Thousands Of Americans Jailed For Not Paying Their Bills

California Indian Tribes Eject Thousands of Members

Tea-party leader shocked by arrest on gun charges

Obama welcomes new power to detain US citizens without a trial.

Senate approves indefinite detention and torture of Americans

My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform

Alien immigration leads to more violence in Europe... Lampedusa and Florence and African Muhammadan pothead shoots Christmas shoppers; BBC calls him a "gun enthusiast"

On a happier note: Female splits up 'gay' penguins

Sesame Street launches pro-welfare campaign.

Zogby: GOP voters ‘don’t like the dog food,’ make Ron Paul early-state contender

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

Americans buy record numbers of guns for Christmas

Court case determines church must shut down

Controversy at church where change has alienated some been embraced by others

Newt would sell out America faster than Obama... Naturalizer Newt: Gingrich's shifting views on immigration

Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant

FOX News Caught Using Fake Video

George Soros paying for content on US “mainstream” news.

Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations

Michael Savage- A Black Culture Lesson With Henry Louis Gates, Jr

Democrats declare race war

England No Longer Prevails

28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison

Seven charged in school bus beating are given home detention

Young girl defends herself with Rifle and Young boy shoots mom's attacker with BB gun and Boy, 14, kills intruder after gang tries to break into house

How about it GOP? "OK, Republicans, If Israel Is So Great, Why Not Follow Its Example?" And Alabama immigration enforcement law.

Youtube: Ron Paul "No, I Don't Consider Newt Gingrich A Conservative"

Youtube: Madoff wife says "Gentiles Are Responsible For This"

Some good news... The EU dream and Kyoto will expire together

Youtube: Family Guy - Noah's Ark

Michelle Obama accused of spending $10m in public money on vacations

The sad state of the church today... Prayers and ink: Flint Township church opens tattoo parlor inside its doors

Archie comics has miscegenist sodomite "wedding"

More vileness from Liz Jones She is one really messed up whore. Why does that newspaper print her ramblings any way?

The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

New York pastor arrested in connection with Carolina Forest robbery

Mexican "ethnic studies" case: District’s funds ordered cut

A good article... Reality Check: The name of a 'Mystery Writer' of one of Ron Paul's 'Racist' newsletters

Miss Clinton on NBC...

Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices

Another sad case... Young white girl killed by black man she met online

Yuck, both of them are ugly... Colorado Woman Punches, Urinates Near $30M Painting

Police think poisoned cat meat killed China tycoon

A. Edwin Wilson

Teachers’ union reportedly plans to ‘liberate’ children’s ‘identity’ with ‘gender liberation’

Youtube: When the race of a city changes...

Ann Coulter on the 2012 election with the exception of her saying nice things about Bachmann and Romney-and ignoring Ron Paul, this article make some good points about how worthless the GOP candidate are.ONLY ONE CANDIDATE IS RIGHT ON THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES

Shocked School Deals With Black Teacher Stabbing White Teacher

Stop sending your children to these hell holes... 53 Years of Forced Integration at Public Schools

Malls Becoming “No Go” Zones

'Church hijackings': Local flock among those losing property to parent group

Gender-free children: coming to a public school near you

The price of fornication/miscegenation...

John C. Calouun: Nullification, Secession, and the Constitution

Suspected shoplifter claims to be a Cosby kid

Whitewashing History for California's Kids