Friday, June 19, 2009

Team America: World Police" 2004 film

"Team America: World Police" 2004 film

I had some hopes that "Team America: World Police," made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of South Park might be a worth while film, but it was really bad. I thought the "Team America: World Police" was going to make fun of Neocons and the "War on Terror." I was foolish enough to think it might have some good satire, it did not.

The film is just plane bad, it's not good satire or propaganda. I found their refusal to make fun of Bush and Cheney very annoying. I might have forgiven the other problem with the film; if the film had some funny Bush and Cheney puppets. They lost all credibility by not making fun of Bushie. They must respect Bushie to much to make of him, I don't buy their claim, they did not make fun of him because everyone else was already doing so; they joined lots of bandwagons making fun of people. I was foolish enough to expect Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and Neocons. They basically passed on the best jokes; think of what could have done with the Haliburton corporation and Neocons. It is an obscene, dirty, foul, sick piece of work and not even funny for the most part, an hour and half of four-letter words, vomit, and bad jokes. The Neocons and the Freepers loved this film. In interviews after the film came out Matt Stone expressed agreement with the Neocon world-view.

Team America: World Police (Wikipedia)

Team America: World Police by Roger Ebert

Useless Concealed Carry Permits

Useless Concealed Carry Permits

Something to think about:
Last year Robert spent $150 to take Concealed Carry Permit class and pay for his permit. He was photographed and fingerprinted and such data was sent to the FBI. Robert got his permit...

A day in the Life of Robert Concealed Carry Permit holder:

6:00 a.m. Robert wakes up and gets out his PPK/S and then holsters it.

8:30 a.m. Robert locks his PPK/S in his car's glove box and drives his daughter to school; parks and then walks her to the building.

9:00 a.m. Robert drives to the Mall where he works at the tool department at Sears. The Mall and Sears ban guns so he locks PPK/S in his car's glove box

12:30 p.m. Robert goes out to lunch with friends at Chili's, but they serve alcohol so Robert's PPK/S stays locked in his car's glove box.

2:00 p.m. Robert goes takes off from work early, to get a plate for his boat trailer. No guns in state building, so Robert locks his PPK/S in his car's glove box.

4:00 p.m. Robert drives to his daughter's school to pick her up from band practice, Robert's PPK/S is safely locked in his car's glove box.

6:00 p.m. Robert takes his wife and daughter out to Red Lobster, but they serve alcohol so Robert's locks his PPK/S in his car's glove box.

10:00 p.m. Robert goes to bed and thinks to himself how happy he is they passed the Concealed Carry Law.

Miscellaneous June 19, 2009

Miscellaneous June 19, 2009

White child forced to drink urine at Boy Scout camp…

Meet Robert Jensen crazed self-hating "Liberal;" "The Anti-White Ascetic-in-Residence at the University of Texas, Austin"

A story of survival: "How my baby defied doctors and refused to die"

Sonny Bono's daughter undergoing "gender transformation"

It looks like someone forget to tell this glacier about "global warming;"
"Argentine glacier advances despite global warming"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naval Academy…

The sad thing is most "white people" don't get... they think this is "racist" and "unfair," and want to make everything "fair." Blood is thinker than water; We need to understood once more that discrimination is a good thing and favoring your own kind is good thing. "Racist" is simply a code word for European, anti-"Racism" is the elimination of European peoples. The problem is would just bad if white were being pushed out qualified applicants.

Diversity is the number one priority” at the Naval Academy:
The Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead announced in Annapolis recently that “diversity is the number one priority” at the Naval Academy…

Midshipmen are admitted by two tracks. White applicants out of high school who are not also athletic recruits typically need grades of A and B and minimum SAT scores of 600 on each part for the Board to vote them “qualified.” Athletics and leadership also count… nine “qualified” white applicants are rejected. SAT scores below 600 or C grades almost always produce a vote of “not qualified” for white applicants…

Not so for an applicant who self-identifies as one of the minorities who are our “number one priority.” ...applicants with scores and grades down to the 300s with Cs and Ds (and no particular leadership or athletics) also come, though after a remedial year at our taxpayer-supported remedial school, the Naval Academy Preparatory School…

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are we all "Terrorists" now?

Are we all "Terrorists" now? The truth is likely yes; a "Terrorists" is simply anyone who favors the right of European peoples to exist. Europeans have been identified as a class of enemies for elimination by the US government. And sadly the governments of Europe are pretty much the same. Cultural marxism has turned into a tool of ethnic hatred; and today it is the "White Man" rather than the Capitalist who is the target for extermination.

The sad thing is most "white people" don't get... they think these "Liberal" attacks are "racist" and "unfair," and want to make everything "fair." But blood is thinker than water; we need to understood once more that discrimination is a good thing; and favoring your own kind is good thing. "Racist" is simply a code word for European, anti-"Racism" is a program for the elimination of European peoples.

Your Future as a Terrorist by Clyde N. Wilson

The Homeland Security apparatus has garnered quite a bit of attention lately for a paper that identified anti-abortionists, anti-immigrationists, and war veterans as terrorist suspects. (I thought “profiling” was forbidden, but in that matter, as so often these days, it would seem that some people are more equal than others.)...

Secondly, there is nothing at all new about this stuff. It has been commonplace in classrooms, the media, the bureaucracy, and law enforcement training for years and years—certainly since the 1970s. It is new to Homeland Security only because Homeland Security is new. The Republicans pretend (short-term) concern to take advantage of grassroots outrage and of a chance to tag Obama. They do not represent serious opposition to this Marcusianism, or, if you prefer, Cultural Marxism, that has widely penetrated American establishment (and popular) attitudes. It is routine Communist procedure to identify class enemies for elimination. This had become standard discourse in many U.S. institutions long before the latest example became public…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The fate of a modern day "Pippa"...

The fate of a modern day "Pippa"...

The Pippa of Robert Browning's poem said "God's in his Heaven/All's right with the world!" as she failed to notice the evil around her. This "Pippa" was hitchhiking in a white wedding dress from Milan to Jerusalem to promote "World Peace." She was raped and murdered by Turks... a sad case...

Her sister said:
"She thought that in the world there were more positive than negative people, and that it was right to be trusting," "Trust is a very human factor, and she believed that to understand people, you had to get to know them."

"Idealistic Italian female killed in a Muslim land"
Youtube: Tribute to Pippa Bacca

Charlotte Church before and after she became a shanky pop singer...

Charlotte Church before and after she became a shanky pop singer...

She used to be cute and sweet, but now smokes, drinks, swears like sailer, has lived in sin with three different men and had a bastard child before age 21... See Michelle Malkin article her "Wear Have All the Good Girls Gone?"

The old Charlotte Church:

The new Charlotte Church:

Yikes "Crazy Chick" is bad, I mean from a musical standpoint, the music of Madonna Ciccone, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera looks good when compared to "Crazy Chick."

Miscellaneous June 10, 2009

Vdare: California Is Dying—And It’s The Canary In America’s Immigration Coal Mine

Revisionists challenge D-Day story

More maddnes from the US government rather than repair America's Levees; they are chopping down rear-by trees...
Army Corps orders thousands of trees chopped down‎

Daniel Patrick Moynihan 1993 article: "Defining Deviancy Down"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A British National Party Youtube Page

Youtube: bnprenaissance(British National Party) Page

Nick Griffin MEP interviewed on Euro Election night

A video about the abuse of English girls by Asian perverts. I fear I did not watch this, I am sure it is too horrible for words.
Racial Grooming - The Truth - Part 1

First in a series of three shocking clips that highlight the truth about the racial grooming of young white girls.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"The Duped and the Duplicitous. The Secret of Obama’s "Popularity" by Andrea Freiboden

A good essay by Andrea Freiboden, the fools who voted for the "Magical Negro" are sad and sickening lot. Part of the problem almost no one is willing to talk about or fight "cultural marxism." Obama is a red-diaper grand baby, the personification of the degenerate 1960's zeitgeist and he is now the president of these United States...

"The Duped and the Duplicitous. The Secret of Obama’s "Popularity"

There are several reasons why Obama has won over many Americans, but I shall consider two. There are two kinds of Obama supporters. There is the genuinely duped, the kind of people who really look at him as the messiah of CHANGE and HOPE for whatever pitiful reason–ignorance, sappiness, guilt, fear, anxiety, etc. But, there is also the duplicitous, the kind of people who know exactly who and what Obama is and feel that they know the Grand Game Plan. It is the combination of images of radiance(for the duped) and of radicalism(for the duplicitous) that has fueled Obama to power. Unless one understands this duality, one cannot grasp the essence of the Obama phenomenon.

Meet Miss Haley....

Helen "Haley" Koch, a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, was arrested for attacking an event at which Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo atempted to make a speech April 14, 2009. On her twitter Page she calls herself a "radical queer femme-inist artist activist with a love of social justice and sparkles." She is a leader of Southeastern Regional Unity Conference, a group for "queers" of all kinds in the Southeast. She also does a cabaret act under the name "Haley Honeybee Sparkles Hegemony" in which she explores being "queer" in performance, including monologues on "queer sex."

Left-Wing Protester Arrested from Tancredo Event
Haley Koch Goes to Africa -a blog dedicated to following the antics of Haley Koch.

Telia and Sholonda...

Two young women try to find the "Babydaddy"...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dutch journalist defends Taliban who raped her...

Dutch journalist defends Taliban who raped her...

She was raped, but she was not angry. The journalist who went looking for the Taliban in Afghanistan saw her curiosity end in a cruel ordeal of multiple rape. While this would make others angry or sad, this journalist shows understanding. She says: ‘They also respected me.’ And she was given tea and biscuits.This story is a perfect illustration of the moral decline of our elites. They are so blinded by their own ideology that they turn a blind eye to the truth. Rape? Well, I would put this into perspective, says the leftist journalist: the Taliban are not monsters. Our elites prefer to deny reality rather than face it. One would expect: a woman is being raped and finds this unbearable. But this journalist is not angry because the Muslim involved also showed respect. Our elites, whether they are politicians, journalists, judges, subsidy gobblers or civil servants, are totally clueless. Plain common sense has been dumped in order to deny reality. It is not just this raped journalist who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome, but the entire Dutch elite. The only moral reference they have is: do not irritate the Muslims—that is the one thing they will condemn.

Article: Wilders Causes Another Row

Politics in the Palmetto State...

Politics in the Palmetto State...


Actor David Carradine meets his end...

Actor David Carradine meets his end...

At first they thought it was a suicide...
Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
Actor David Carradine, a born seeker and cult idol... was found dead Thursday in Thailand... The officer responsible for investigating the death, Teerapop Luanseng, said the 72-year-old actor was staying at a suite at the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel. "I can confirm that we found his body, naked, hanging in the closet," Teerapop said...1

But it seems it was some kind of pervasion
...David Carradine.. was found in a hotel room closet with a rope tied to his neck and genitals, and his death may have been accidental suffocation... Police initially said they suspected suicide, though Carradine's associates had questioned that theory. Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters that Carradine was found with a rope "tied around his penis and another rope around his neck." "The two ropes were tied together," he said. "It is unclear whether he committed suicide or not or he died of suffocation or heart failure..."

The pervert will follow his pervasion unto death...

George Tiller’s abortion clinic had a chaplain...

George Tiller’s abortion clinic had a chaplain who would baptize and bless the “fetus” after the abortion…
Spiritually, abortion is acceptable in ten of the world’s religions and in Christianity many denominations affirm and uphold the right of a woman to make the choice of abortion. The program offers individual counseling, group counseling and the celebration of spiritual sacraments such as baptism of the still born fetus and blessings for the aborted fetus.1

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Michael Moore's "A Brief History of America"

Michael Moore's "A Brief History of America"

A sickening and hateful hate-the-white-man-cartoon. Sadly much of the material in this cartoon comes very close to the history that is taught to school children today.