Saturday, April 30, 2011

A thought on the perversion of our society.

A thought on the perversion of our society from Shotgun:
Overseas, in Switzerland, a nation where Christianity is all but dead, the homosexual lobby has taken a different, and more logical position... Sexual preferences... are determined by the mean ol Christian social constructs that all Europeans have lived and moved in for centuries. We’re all bisexuals, you see... Does any of this sound familiar?

“Sex doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct, we’re all humans” ?

Well, it’s the exact same rhetoric and ideology that gives power to the whole “civil-rights” movement here in America.

“Race doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct, we’re all humans!”

American Christians have been so emasculated by this sort of argument, … so utterly trounced … that they would have no ideological leg to stand on should the homosexual lobby here take up the same arguments...

It’s the underlying Christian structure of society that these Satanists hate. Faggotry, Race-mixing, abortions, socialism, and ALL the other “isms” that we despise ALL share, as their fundamental driving force, this hate for the Christian social order of Old Europe.

As a number of other people have stated; the race queers and the sex queers are part of the same problem-two heads of the same beast. As SWB said:
“We represent the Christians of the world who refuse to allow their people to be destroyed and their faith to be hijacked by race queers and sex queers. We call our brothers and sisters in blood to return to the faith of our fathers and rebuild Western civilization.”

Sunday, April 24, 2011