Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011

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Order and social morality

"The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments’ plans.” - British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1876

Friday, November 11, 2011

William Millay, another scapegoat of the NWO?

This whole case is just odd...
Strange case of Kentucky soldier charged with espionage
American Army Specialist William Millay, a 22-year-old military policeman.. has been arrested and is awaiting charges of espionage...

In a series of e-mails to friends and family that were intercepted by the NSA, the FSB reports, Millay warned when asked what to do, "prepare for the end of the world"The FSB notes in their report that the Kentucky region where Specialist Millay comes from is "heavily populated" by staunchly religious Christian conservatives who believe we are living in the "last days" and that President Obama is a "secret Muslim" whose goal is to destroy the United States so that a New World Order can be established ushering in the age of the "anti-Christ" foretold about in the Bible's Book of Revelations.

The e-mails detail nothing about specific troop movements or plans by the US military. The "heightened response" by the highest branches of the US government is what caught the attention of the FSB.

How can one commit "espionage" without transmitting any information?
FBI spokesman Eric Gonzalez declined to provide details of the allegations against Millay, other than to say the Army will handle the case. Army Lt. Col. Bill Coppernoll told The Associated Press that Millay's arrest stems from an ongoing investigation conducted by the Army and FBI. Coppernoll said few details were being released and that the case was very early in the legal process. But unlike the WikiLeaks case targeting Army analyst Bradley Manning, allegations against Millay do "not involve the transfer of data on computer networks," Coppernoll said. Authorities also said Millay didn't transmit any information.2

Dick York didn't believe what he'd heard, that a neighbor in Owensboro serving in the U.S. Army had been arrested on suspicion of espionage. York... described 22-year-old William Colton Millay.. as honest and patriotic and described the allegations as "a bunch of bull." "I have no faith in the Justice Department. I have faith in the military, but not Washington," York told The Gleaner in Henderson. "Something is wrong with this deal."3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wandering the Wasteland

I have been thinking somewhat about the recent comments made by our old acquaintance known as Shotgun. I, living in the degenerate part of West in dying culture and society, I find myself often feeling isolated from anyone who shares common interests and such can be very disheartening and demoralizing at times. Are virtual communities of any value, I would yes but, they should at least be thought of as "places" where the laying of the cornerstone of something real and concrete can be put in put into practice over time. One's duty to God, Kith, and Kin must come first, sadly ones kith and kin may be far away, not a good thing, but a thing which must be dealt with in some manner or the other. The protection of our kith and kin and rebuilding culture and community must always be our first priority.

In some ways we all have been reduced to serfs of the New Word Order living the plantation built in the ruins of the Post-American Wasteland. Sadly the Old American that we loved is lost and gone, the remnant of America must fight and survive and live. The old convent of the Puritans and the Hillbillies of old will live on in those of their blood who fight for their homes and families. We must look back to our ancestors and the examples which they have sent forth for us. The public school system, television, and the media seek to destroy us and our children. Everything we see around us, seems intended to degrade, defile, and destroy everything we love and hold dear.

As Paul M. Weyrich said "We need to drop out of this culture, and find places, even if it is where we physically are right now, where we can live godly, righteous and sober lives."

But how do we go about dropping out of the vile and most evil “culture” which surrounds us and seems to destroy everything good, righteous and godly? That can hard possess which requires a life time of dedication without end...

First, we must repent and purify ourselves, our own foolishness and immorality is a greater danger to us than than anything else we face: "And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all strangers, and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers." Nehemiah 9:2 The Puritans of old understood this all too well-pride can be very destructive. Sadly immorality in our own churches and families is far too common place and few seem willing speak against it. The morality of the home should always be placed above all else. I am greatly sadden when I see so many people who I had thought of as "Conservative Christians" fail to fight or speak against immorality in their own homes and families. I have seem far too much of this kind of thing over the years. We must fight it and never stop fighting it...

Then we must gather, plant, and build. We must save that which can be saved-men and woman, land, livestock, plants, books, art, and else thing under heaven of value which we are able to get our hand on and put away. Perhaps the Ark is a good model of what we must do, a flood of evil is most definitely coming. We must build community where we can and prepare for the future whatever it may be. Hope should always shire brightly and shall not lose sight of our forefather and landmarks which they have laid down to guide us on the road ahead into to the unknown. The collapse of the organized church is one of the more demoralizing aspects of the the Post-American Wasteland, the unorganized church must rise to to take it's place-how I am not quite sure, be we must find a way...

I find myself wondering what is the first step? My search for people and things to build up seems rather fruitless where I live, I see decay and destruction all around me. I do wonder how much damage has been done to my generation by the public school system and the media filth aimed at children. I would say I was desocialized public school-the school system has created millions of misanthropes. Can this generation of boys ever become decent men? One wonders sometimes wonders given the damage which has been done. But if they repent and fight anything is possible I suppose.

A time of exodus? I don't know, maybe? The clouds of evil are gathering all around us. The “Orcs” and “Skrælings” are coming and the fools who will not stand against them will perish...
"Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of inquity and the act of violence is in their hands." - Isaiah 59:6

The dark eleventh hour
Draws on and sees us sold
To every evil power
We fought against of old -
Rebellion, rapine, hate,
Oppression, wrong and greed
Are loosed to rule our fate

The faith in which we stand,
The laws we made and guard,
Our honour, lives, and land
Are given for reward
To murder done by night
To treason taught by day,
To folly, sloth, and spite,
And we are thrust away.

The blood our fathers spilt,
Our love, our toils, our pains
Are counted us for guilt
And only bind our chains -
Before an Empire's eyes
The traitor claims his price.
What need of further lies?
We are the sacrifice.

We know the war prepared
On ever peaceful home
We know the hells prepared
The terror, threats, and bread
In market, hearth, and field -
We know, when all is said,
We perish if we yield.

Rudyard Kipling
Let us remember the Puritans of New England fought for their Englishness. The believed the English had convent with God and the duty to build "a shinning city on hill" separated and protected from the rest of the word and it's many evils. I fear I have no easy or simple solution to the problems we face, but we must walk the Wasteland and live, and do so to the best of our abilities. "Hier stehe ich und kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir, Amen." God Bless.