Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010

British woman eats herself to death...
Fried chicken feasts in her hospital bed killed 45st Sharon

A MUM revealed in The Sun to be Britain's fattest woman at 45st(630 lbs.) has died after secretly GORGING in hospital. Sharon Mevsimler, 40, was on a strict diet in Chelmsford, Essex, but had family buckets of chicken and fish and chips smuggled in..

British Nanny dies in undignified way.

Mexican rapes girl, kills her, and rapes her again at the base of a 50-foot cross.

14-year-old harassed by drug addicted whore on airplane

Mexican charged with sexual assault of girls, both under age six.

Illegal Votes by Felons Put Al Franken in Senate

White Male Car Dealers Shut Down by TARP

The 60s Radicals Have Won-Now What?

"The Cultural Branding of Snoop Dogg: From Rapper to Icon in 20 Years"

Soiled Sinemass Film Blog

This looks like it might be an interesting blog, I will have to look at it more.

Soiled Sinemass

A review from the site:

Soiled Sinemass: Giant
Giant was directed by American military propagandist George Stevens... To call Stevens a propagandist would be letting him off too lightly, for his films are partly responsible for the passive psychosis that has consumed the Faustian soul since the end of the World War II... Giant... attacks the Faustian man, the conquer of the world. Giant was one of the first (if not the first) Hollywood film to comment on the “racism” of Aryan Texans against poor conquered Mexicans and Indians, a message that is fairly common with Hollywood today...

Monday, July 19, 2010

South African Wiggers

A sad sight to behold...