Thursday, December 3, 2009

Film: "The Sensuous Lover"

Yikes... I ran into this film by accident, not sure what this point of the nonsense was supposed to be. But I found the theme of misguided Christian charity and miscegenation destroying these two sisters of interest.

"The Sensuous Lover" (9min. 15 sec.)

An 1880’s White Christian missionary lady is sent by her father to Christianize a savage race of bear-men. Her sister writes her a letter upset at their father for sending her away, and is the worried the savages will kill and eat her, but knows she is “doing the Lord’s work.” The missionary sister writes back saying she is safely locked in her cottage and happy and that she pities the poor savages and is doing her best to Christianize them and is teaching them trade of locksmithing. A bear-man breaks into the missionary sister’s cottage and attacks her. Then she kisses the savage and lets it have it’s way with her. A few month latter the missionary sister writes her sister and tells her she happy with the bear-man and the child inside of her will keep her company while the bear-man is hibernating. The other sister is sickened by this news travels to the mission. She finds her sister pregnant with hibernating bear-man sleeping in her cottage. The other sister shoots the bear killing it and the shock causes the missionary sister to give birth. The other sister gabs and strangles the cub to death. The missionary sister then shoots her sister killing her. She then writes a letter to their father telling him he has lost both daughters and a “grandson.” The missionary sister kills herself with her sister’s gun. Well I suppose it does show miscegenation in a bad light. Note there is a nasty commercial before the film starts. Not child friendly.

"The Sensuous Lover"

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