Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wellfareite paid $42,000 a year tax free

Fornicating Miscegenist Wellfareite (AKA "mudshark") is paid $42,000 a year tax free and complains she can't make ends meet. She used to be payed even more before the 500 pound a week benefit cap was put into place.

‘I can’t survive on £500 a week benefits!’: Single mother-of-eight says her children may end up on the streets after she had her benefits capped
Marie Buchan, 31, lives with her children aged from two months to 12 years She claimed £582 a week in state handouts til the cap in September Now the single mother from Selly Oak, Birmingham, says she is struggling She also wants to be moved to a large house - but is £2,000 behind in rent. Miss Buchan, who owes £600 in bus lane fines, says: 'I don't waste money'