Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Third World Adoption Goes Wrong

The 13-year-old adopted Mexican "daughter" of a Florida family tries to kill the wife and children of the family that took her in, which she has been living with for the last five years. The family has states they love their "daughter" and want to "get her the help she needs" The couple appear to be two university professors; foolish "Liberalism" goes wrong again...
The 13-year-old was arrested and brought to the juvenile assessment center earlier this week. She is charged with poisoning everyone in the family that adopted her, except for the dad... Pollard said she sprayed products intended to kill bugs on her adopted mother's food, sometimes mixing it with dog feces and even putting soap in her water at the dinner table.1

The adopted mother, Tinoco said that over the past year her health had deteriorated and she learned recently from doctors that traces of arsenic were found in her blood. Pollard later confessed during a therapy to putting insecticide in Tinoco’s food... Pollard... attends Good Shepherd Catholic School and is in 7th grade... While Tinoco initially did not want to press charges, Pollard was subsequently arrested.2