Saturday, November 22, 2008

Social Worker: “All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations”

Social Worker: “All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations”

The Home School Legal Defense Association relates a horrifying tale from some Miami homeschoolers. Fortunately, they (HSLDA) were able to correct the illegal behavior of this social worker toward this particular family. The US government seems to be doing it's best to become a Soviet state. We must always be ready to defend out freedom.

Social Worker attacks family:
The social worker found nothing—but said still she wanted the family to “undergo a formal psycho-social assessment.”

When the Smiths asked “Why?” the social worker replied, “This is done in all investigations with homeschooled children!”

Needless to say, the Smiths declined the assessments, and relied on HSLDA to take care of the rest.

Klicka sent the social worker a letter outlining all the ways in which she had broken the law: 1. By entering the home and interviewing the children through intimidation; 2. By not letting them know the allegations at the initial visit; and 3. By interviewing children whom the allegations did not concern.

A Peek Into a Girl’s Book...

A Peek Into a Girl’s Book...

A good review of Louisa May Alcott's book "Little Women" on The Heritage American blog.
A Peek Into a Girl’s Book: Little Women and Traditional Womanhood

...Here we find the moral values at the core of America’s greatness, but also the seeds of America’s future sacrifice of everything it has and is to non-Western “humanity.” When the March girls sacrifice their Christmas breakfast to a poor German woman with six children, we see the native American sense of charity in all its sweetness, but we may also note how easily such an impulse could morph into suicidal liberalism...

...And though modern critics would attack the book for “suppressing” the black, American Indian, and other “marginal” viewpoints, the truth is that the March girls are just being themselves. They live their own lives in their own society, and it is because their society is relatively homogeneous that they are able to live with a sense of higher meaning, struggling to do good and develop as women, within the common understandings of that society...

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The Heritage American Essays on American Culture, Traditionalist Conservatism, Politics, Race, and Immigration

Why Tom Friedman thinks “Globalization” is good for America…

Why Tom Friedman thinks “Globalization” is good for America…
Tom Friedman: “Globalization” good because it makes Americans poor and dependent on government.

Tom Friedman tells us “Globalization” is good because it makes Americans poor and dependent on government. A “churning workforce” makes people unsure of their employment and also breaks down families, friends and neighborhoods leaving people forced to rely on the government.

Tom Friedman is best know for promoting “Globalization,” in his book "The World is Flat." He is a Neocon/Neoliberal who was promoting Bush’s war and is now promoting Obama. A shill for the establishment who promotes every one of their stupid ideas uncritically.

Even globalization’s downsides—such as displaced American workers—can have an upside for liberals in political terms. A churning workforce strengthens the case for the kind of safety net that Democrats champion and Republicans resist. (Globalization-induced jitters may help explain why President Bush’s plan to make Social Security less secure hasn’t captured the nation’s imagination.) Friedman outlines an agenda of “compassionate flatism” that includes portable, subsidized health care, wage insurance, and subsidies for college and vocational school. You can argue about the details, and you can push them to the left. (He notes that corporations like to put offices and factories in countries with universal health care.) But this is clearly a Democratic agenda, and, as more and more white-collar jobs move abroad, its appeal to traditionally Republican voters should grow...1

PC thugs Hired to roam Canadian university

PC thugs Hired to roam Canadian university

The politically correct Speech/thought police just keep getting nastier. It looks like things are getting even worse for the residents of the Soviet Republic of Canuckistan. Now that Comrade Obama is about to take power, I fear more “racism” hysteria from the state and media will be coming soon in the US too. I afraid of what the state will do after Comrade Obama and the crazed Obamaists takes power; more and nastier political correctness will be coming that is the one thing I do know.

Speech Police Hired to Roam Queens University Campus:
Queens University in Kingston, ON is coming under criticism for hiring six “dialogue facilitators” to roam its campus and intervene in student conversations in order to promote “diversity” and deal with what they deem to be any “offensive” material...

Social conservatives in Canada have in the last several years expressed increasing alarm at escalating efforts to silence “offensive” speech – efforts that, in practice, have led primarily to the targeting of those with politically incorrect views, particularly Christians with traditional views on sexual morality...