Saturday, November 22, 2008

PC thugs Hired to roam Canadian university

PC thugs Hired to roam Canadian university

The politically correct Speech/thought police just keep getting nastier. It looks like things are getting even worse for the residents of the Soviet Republic of Canuckistan. Now that Comrade Obama is about to take power, I fear more “racism” hysteria from the state and media will be coming soon in the US too. I afraid of what the state will do after Comrade Obama and the crazed Obamaists takes power; more and nastier political correctness will be coming that is the one thing I do know.

Speech Police Hired to Roam Queens University Campus:
Queens University in Kingston, ON is coming under criticism for hiring six “dialogue facilitators” to roam its campus and intervene in student conversations in order to promote “diversity” and deal with what they deem to be any “offensive” material...

Social conservatives in Canada have in the last several years expressed increasing alarm at escalating efforts to silence “offensive” speech – efforts that, in practice, have led primarily to the targeting of those with politically incorrect views, particularly Christians with traditional views on sexual morality...

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