Saturday, April 11, 2009

Miscellaneous April 11, 2009

An interesting article article:

"Good Friday and the European Traditions of the Easter Season"


Revolution in the Garden! on the Re-localization of Agriculture blog.

More Cultural Marxism:

Diversifying Middle America

“Diversity” was the stated theme at this week’s meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges. Bubbling beneath the surface, however, were frank discussions about budget shortfalls and a dreary job market.

Officials from the Northern Wyoming Community College District told a group of attendees how they have managed to make institutional progress on both fronts by deliberately attempting to diversify their campuses. They argue that their efforts, including attracting foreign students to the area, have improved the value of the educational experience they provide to native-born students and stimulated the local economy...

And on horrible note, White Pennsylvania mother drugs her daughter so her Afro-American boyfriend can rape and impregnate her... This girl is lucky she was not killed, an overdose of Tylenol can cause acute liver failure and death, adding alcohol would make it even more toxic. The girl was at least not raped.

Pennsylvania mom accused of drugging daughter in plot to have boyfriend get the girl pregnant

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