Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miscellaneous April 15, 2009

More of Obama's "change..."

Obama appoints Afro-American Marxist as “green czar.”

Obama Administration Endorses Continued Spying on Americans

Cybersecurity Act would give president power to 'shut down' Internet

It seems that young degenerate faux conservatives multi-cultist are ready to destroy what is left of the GOP: "Young Republicans Taking Obama's Win as Cue to Change Course of GOP." Not that there is much of anything of value left in the GOP anyway.

And our government at work...
Pennsylvania Cracks Down on Baked Goods

And in Europe... Muslim Pedophiles attack 12 years old girls in Sweden...
Gang rape suspects on trial in Södertälje
Polis har sprängt våldtäktsliga

And back in the US...
Another young woman killed by an illegal alien in Knoxville

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