Saturday, April 18, 2009

The end of the British porcelain industry...

The end of the British porcelain industry...

Looks like the current financial mess may well finish off the British porcelain industry, but it is already dead for the most part. Sad to think some of pottery works closed down over the last few years in England had been running for over 1000 years or more.

Waterford Wedgwood(Royal Doulton/Minton/Coalport/Mason’s/Johnson Brothers) is in receivership. Most their products are already made in the Far East and Indonesia anyway.

Royal Worcester/Spode is also in receivership, but they also have already moved most production to Asia.

Waterford Crystal furnace turned off

Waterford Wedgwood Assets Sold

A blog post I found on this topic:
As for quality of merchandise manufactured offshore, I can personally attest to the very poor imitation of the originals, especially in the Franciscan "Desert Rose" pattern and the Johnson Brothers "Old British Castles". I own several old pieces in each, and the comparison is truly pitiful. Many of our long-time customers also owned the famous "Old Country Roses" pattern made in England. They have complained vociferously about the ingerior quality of the newer product, made in Indonesia.
It's over.1

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