Friday, May 2, 2008

Pilgrimage to Monsalvat

My blog "Pilgrimage to Monsalvat" will be my thoughts on the world gone mad in which we live today. I will try to share my thoughs on Art, Culture, and Politics. A place to ponder modern “Liberalism,” which has created a world devoid beauty, morality, honor, and kindness.

As Paul M. Weyrich said:
"But it is impossible to ignore the fact that the United States is becoming an ideological state. The ideology of Political Correctness, which openly calls for the destruction of our traditional culture... has completely taken over...(and) threatens to control literally every aspect of our lives. Those who came up with Political Correctness, which we more accurately call “Cultural Marxism,” did so in a deliberate fashion...

I am very concerned, as I go around the country and speak and talk to young people, when I find how much of the decadent culture they have absorbed without even understanding that they are a part of it... What steps can we take to make sure that we and our children are not infected? We need some sort of quarantine.

...we need to drop out of this culture, and find places, even if it is where we physically are right now, where we can live godly, righteous and sober lives."

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