Sunday, May 4, 2008

The goals of "Humanism"

So this is what the “Liberals” call "Humanism." One sometimes forgets how crazed and marxist these losers are... It is just hard to believe how insane these people are. And these are the people who always talk of “freedom?” Which to them means slavery to the state. That is what they call "Humanism?" They want children to be owned and breed by the state. These people are just too sick for words... We can be happy that Tom Flynn is not having children. These people are unable to reproduce, which is why they want to brain wash other people's children.

The following article is from the Secular Humanist Bulletin, Volume 13, Number 2.
Replacing Our Last Cottage Industry

...Pat Robertson is right - as secular humanists, we are heir to a tradition that is in many ways profoundly anti-family... Some say the family is becoming more inclusive. I say we are subduing the family, not extending it - perhaps setting the stage for its replacement. Secular humanists should celebrate this achievement, not minimize it, and renew their assaults upon the family. This obsolete and exploitative institution must go... Bellamy predicted that by the 21st Century capitalism, home, and family would be forgotten. Generations of reformers imbibed Bellamy's vivid images of happy workers who lived in dorms and ate in refectories, of children raised in large cohorts by gifted mentors...1

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John Savage said...

Indeed, too few understand the real direction in which we are moving. People too often believe the liberal denials that they want more than the present step -- but once that is accepted, they will always insist on more.

I just wanted to say I have enjoyed the posts so far, and hope you will continue.

Faust said...


Hello, thanks for the the very nice comment. I have enjoyed your post too. I cannot claim to be a great writer, but I will try my best to put my "thoughts on a World gone mad" into words. Best Wishes.

Frank said...

Flynn no doubt does not wish to replace the family with stronger community ties as did Plato and the Spartans (going only by what I remember from Plato's Republic).

Could you imagine a world without community and without family? Perhaps man would adapt over time, into some antisocial beast most likely, but in the short run many of us would be driven mad. We are social beings, and there's nothing so lonely as a large crowd.

That's not to mention that, human nature being what it is, we'd most likely become exploited slaves fully at the mercy of an elite few. Without guns, without family, without community... What's to defend us?

On the plus side: no more intertribal violence and a great deal more sex. Sounds nice, especially to adolescents, but what of the negatives?

Faust, I'm overjoyed that you've begun a blog. Your posts are always worth reading.

Frank said...

And without religion, without particular ties, without social ties, without irrational codes of ethics: what's to motivate the elite to acting in our interests?


I'm just gathering all that together into one place. I know it's all been said many times before...

Mark Richardson said...

Thanks for the quote, I'll probably post on it myself in the next week or two.

Keep up the good work.