Monday, May 19, 2008

The Kyoto Scam...

First of all even if everything the "Greens" say about “Global Warming” is true. The Kyoto Treaty is still a scam. China puts out more CO2 than any nation on earth and India’s output is rising fast. I will not go into the issue of CO2 and climate change that is separate and more complex topic. I may do this soon. The point of the Kyoto treaty is to transfer wealth from the US and Europe to UN bureaucrats. The Kyoto Treaty has not lead to a reduction of emissions even in Western Europe.

Why no call for dike construction? If the UN believes in and wants to do something about “Global Warming,” why no call for aid to poor countries such as Bangladesh and Seychelles to protect their low lands? Even in the event of a sea level rise these countries will still be at higher elevation than most of the Netherlands. The fact is the UN and the “Greens” have no plans to do anything about “Global Warming.”

And what is Al Gore doing...

Gore Financially Invested in Climate Cause

And we have the “cap-and-trade” scam, in which people can pay for right emit "greenhouse gases." Morgan Stanley loves the idea...

Trading Hot Air?

Here is more on the Kyoto mess, but one must also know even the so-called calculation of greenhouse gas emissions is subjective and unscientific. But even using this bad data "most of the progress in greenhouse gas reduction has come from the stark decline in Eastern European countries' emissions after the fall of communism in the 1990s." Even the "Green groups" admit these calculations are full of accountancy tricks. But these numbers still make the case the Kyoto Treaty is not cutting back emissions of "greenhouse gas."

Change in greenhouse gas Emissions (1990-2004)

Germany -17%
Canada +27%
Australia +25%
Spain +49%
United States +16%
Australia +25.6%
Norway +10%
New Zealand +21%
France -0.8%
Greece +27%
Ireland +23%
Japan +6.5%
United Kingdom -14%
Portugal +41%
EU-15 -0.8% (A.K.A. Western Europe)

China +47%
India +55%1

And on a related note... more accountancy tricks? How much of the claimed reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is in the form of trading "carbon emission" rights and carbon "credits" given if they "offset pollution in poorer countries?"
De Boer pointed to a burst of activity in 2006 in two Kyoto innovations -- the market in carbon emissions, launched by the EU, and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), in which rich countries get carbon "credits" if they offset pollution in poorer countries.1

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