Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kirsten Heisig R.I.P.

Horrible whatever happened to poor Kirsten...

"If we do not react swiftly and decisively, if we do not preserve our legal structures and values, we will lose our struggle against juvenile violence."-Kirsten Heisig

Missing German judge committed suicide, official says
Berlin - A controversial German judge who went missing early in the week probably committed suicide, her superior said Saturday after the body was found in a field on the edge of Berlin. Searches had been under way in the city since Kirsten Heisig, 48, vanished on Monday evening. Known for a zero-tolerance campaign to crack down on repeat juvenile offenders... she had been criticized by ethnic minorities... Her book, The End of Patience, is due to be published in September. Ethnic minorities have criticized Heisig's view that some foreign cultures neglect education and foster delinquency.

Fear is a bad advisor
by By Kirsten Heisig

Heavy criminals who often have 30 or more major acts have about 90 percent of immigrant background, 45 percent say they are of Arab descent, 34 percent have Turkish roots. Diese Tatsachen sind insofern von Bedeutung, als etwa 10 000 dieser Araber in Neukölln leben, aber mehr als viermal so viele türkischstämmige Menschen. These facts are important because, as about 10 000 of these Arabs live in Neukölln, but more than four times as many people of Turkish origin. Die Araber stellen also gemessen an ihrem Bevölkerungsanteil die Mehrheit der Intensivtäter. The Arabs are therefore relative to their population, the majority of offenders. Deutsche Vielfachtäter gibt es in Neukölln kaum. German are multiple offenders in Neukölln it hardly.

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