Monday, September 27, 2010

I Am An Englishman

A clip from a the BBC television drama NCS: Manhunt Episode 2 (2001). Laurence Bright(Marc Warren), a British Nationalist, speaks on the displacement of the Englishmen. Sadly this program was attacking and mocking any Englishman who dare speak against his displacement.

Sarah Maid of Albion: They Never Asked Us!

Vanishing American: They Never Asked Us!

I Am An Englishman
The English people fought long and hard for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. They were not simply handed over to us on a plate and we should never ever take them for granted because there are those who would see them taken from us. Our people paid a heavy price, more often than not paid in blood, for the principle that our voices would be heard and that our leaders would represent us and not themselves.

To our present political elite all this means absolutely nothing. THEY imposed mass immigration upon us and it was THEY who decided that we would be run by Europe. THEY decided to change our country, not because WE wanted it, but because THEY did. THEY told us how it would be, they did not ask, and when they did this they spat in the face of all those who came before us and sacrificed so much.

Through their lies and deceit all this is sold to us as progress.

What have they done? Never forget and never forgive.

Se swa his hlaford

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