Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rebecca Walker

A very interesting quote from a "Liberal", but remember Rebecca Walker is no Conservative. She a lesbian half Black half Jewish radical leftist feminist herself. She may be pointing out the failures of feminism and cultural degeneracy, but so did her mother. I saw this article on “Oz Conservative: Trials of a feminist daughter.” and the “Ladies Against Feminism” site.

You see, my mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale...

... there is the issue of not having children. Even now, I meet women in their 30s who are ambivalent about having a family. They say things like: 'I'd like a child. If it happens, it happens.' I tell them: 'Go home and get on with it because your window of opportunity is very small.' As I know only too well.

Then I meet women in their 40s who are devastated because they spent two decades working on a PhD or becoming a partner in a law firm, and they missed out on having a family... Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women into childlessness. It is devastating...

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