Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The False Nationalist Parties of Britain

The False Nationalist Parties of Britain

Has "Liberalism" even poisoned Nationalism? I am speaking of the United Kingdom Independence Party, Plaid Cymru and Scottish National Party. The first two are pro-EU and pro-immigration. And the United Kingdom Independence Party which is pro-immigration. On a related note the IRA is run by marxists too. I just find it sickening. The Scottish National Party now has an Asiatic MP, Bashir Ahmad, who swore his oath of office Urdu and who's main going is Muslim school in Scotland. It is madness!

The Plaid Cymru is a sick example. They state they are for eliminating everything which read nationalism is based on:
Plaid Cymru has five stated aims.
3. To build a national community based on equal citizenship, respect for different traditions and cultures and the equal worth of all individuals, whatever their race, nationality, gender, colour, creed, sexuality, age, ability or social background.

While they BNP is a real anti-immigration nationalist party I do wish they stay out of the anti-racist sewer. Ones worries this kind of thing will lead to real anti-racist subversion.

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