Monday, September 19, 2016

The Rise of the "NAZI FROGS"?

The Rise of the "NAZI FROGS"? Or the Great "Meme" Wars...
After months of the "mainstream" media mainly avoiding the issue the Alt-Right "meme wars" have gotten large enough that the media can no longer ignore them. The Alt-Right is hard to label while it's roots are planted in Paleoconservatism, it has becoming umbrella term hosting a "big tent" of radical-reactionaries, paleoconservatives, nationalist and neofascists. The main enemies of the Alt-right are of course are the neocon and and faux-conservatives of the GOP and the establishment. The faux-conservatives stand back in shock and panic as the idols of cultural marxism they dared not attack are pushed over and smashed by the young warriors of the Alt-right. The truth is the faux-conservatives were never for real, they always accepted and supported the basic pillars of modernism and marxism.
In the these "meme wars" of the internet, Pepe the Frog has been by far the most popular of the Alt-right "memes." Pepe went from silly cartoon to the famous "Nazi Frog" of the Alt-right "meme" wars. The official media narrative is now Hillary was "tricked" by a few "professional trolls" into talking about Pep, while failing to report the on the mass use of Pepe. MSNBC and others were reporting on the rise of the Pepe "meme" months ago, well before Hillary's Alt-right speech, where she said Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and Vladimir Putin were all part of "right-wing" global conspiracy that lead to Britain leaving European Union and wanted to turn American into a "fascist state." They yelling of "Pepe" during her speech has disappeared into the memory hole as well. The media is basically claiming Pepe didn't happen expect for few "trolls," instead of the reality of an Alt-Right "meme" created, posted, and re-edited by thousands of people. The Left always want to control the narrative even to the point of silliness that ends up making them look foolish.
"Hillary is running an astroturf campaign because she can’t appeal to ordinary voters. Hillary’s campaign is all about helicopter money and manipulating the media. Her campaign staff are all keyboard warriors; for them Pepe the Frog is more real than the white steelworker whose union job got offshored to China."
Well Pepe at least is happen about "Biexit"
There are of course reason why some on the right dislike the Alt-right; crudeness, lack respect for tradition and morally questionable behavior. However these are the children of modernism, they have already taken the first and important steps of rejecting both marxism and the "idolatrous worship of market" as Patrick Buchanan calls it, and more importantly the cultural marxism of the Frankfurt School. One can see a great deal of foreshadowing of the Alt-right in Samuel Francis and Patrick Buchanan. The Alt-right has mastered arts of "Meme Magic" and "Meme War". While some do it more for shock value than ideology, but the ideology is coming too-Nationalism. These children of modernism have been pushed into the cesspool of marxist culture and degraded their whole lives are rising up, but need guidance to push them in the right direction.
As Milo Yiannopoulos said
"An establishment Republican, with their overriding belief in the glory of the free market, might be moved to tear down a cathedral and replace it with a strip mall if it made economic sense... (Paleoconservative) society does not necessarily produce a soaring GDP, but it does produce symphonies, basilicas and Old Masters. The natural conservative tendency within the alt-right points to these apotheoses of western European culture and declares them valuable and worth preserving and protecting." (See: An Establishment Conservative's Guide To The Alt-Right)
The the GOP and the establishment never really wanted to fight the Culturewars, they were it in battle to protect their economic interests as interests of the the corporate elites and the socialists became one and the same, the GOP stopped serving any purpose in it's degenerate state as can be seen in Califoria where GOP is basically long dead. The Democrats are now the part of Wall Street, the Country Club, and Cultural Marxism.
The internet is now flooded with "memes" of Pepe the Frog often doing very nasty thing to various members of the establishment like Hillary Clinton, as well as a large group of people sending her pictures of Pepe the Frog in mail. Even Cher is freaking out...
Pepe the Frog has been taken, he is the Alt-right mascot and will keep fighting on. The internet the battle ground for now, but need to be taken into the streets....
Political incorrectness and offensive maternal of all kinds are the way of the "meme wars" and "meme magic." When Pepe the Frog is on the warpath he kills and takes no prisoners. Stormtrooper Pepe and friends are ready to "kill" (or least upset people on the web).
Praise Kek!

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