Friday, November 11, 2011

William Millay, another scapegoat of the NWO?

This whole case is just odd...
Strange case of Kentucky soldier charged with espionage
American Army Specialist William Millay, a 22-year-old military policeman.. has been arrested and is awaiting charges of espionage...

In a series of e-mails to friends and family that were intercepted by the NSA, the FSB reports, Millay warned when asked what to do, "prepare for the end of the world"The FSB notes in their report that the Kentucky region where Specialist Millay comes from is "heavily populated" by staunchly religious Christian conservatives who believe we are living in the "last days" and that President Obama is a "secret Muslim" whose goal is to destroy the United States so that a New World Order can be established ushering in the age of the "anti-Christ" foretold about in the Bible's Book of Revelations.

The e-mails detail nothing about specific troop movements or plans by the US military. The "heightened response" by the highest branches of the US government is what caught the attention of the FSB.

How can one commit "espionage" without transmitting any information?
FBI spokesman Eric Gonzalez declined to provide details of the allegations against Millay, other than to say the Army will handle the case. Army Lt. Col. Bill Coppernoll told The Associated Press that Millay's arrest stems from an ongoing investigation conducted by the Army and FBI. Coppernoll said few details were being released and that the case was very early in the legal process. But unlike the WikiLeaks case targeting Army analyst Bradley Manning, allegations against Millay do "not involve the transfer of data on computer networks," Coppernoll said. Authorities also said Millay didn't transmit any information.2

Dick York didn't believe what he'd heard, that a neighbor in Owensboro serving in the U.S. Army had been arrested on suspicion of espionage. York... described 22-year-old William Colton Millay.. as honest and patriotic and described the allegations as "a bunch of bull." "I have no faith in the Justice Department. I have faith in the military, but not Washington," York told The Gleaner in Henderson. "Something is wrong with this deal."3

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