Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The American Male is forced out of the labor force.

The American Male is forced out of the labor force.
The unemployment rate is spoken of quite a lot; but no one seems to talk about the employment rate. Now only 66.8% of American men have jobs...

Only 45.4% of Americans had jobs in 2010, the lowest rate since 1983 and down from a peak of 49.3% in 2000. Last year, just 66.8% of men had jobs, the lowest on record.1

Note in the same period(1948-2008) the total population “Labor Force Participation Rate” increased from 57% to 66%. And 82% of the workers who have lost their jobs since December 2007 are male.

US Male employment rate 1948-2008
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
Labor Force Participation Rate - Men 20 yrs. & over
1948 89%
1960 86%
1970 83%
1980 79%
1990 78%
2000 76%
2008 75%

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John MacGregor said...

These statistics are proof that the illuminati's agenda of destroying the family is working. By giving affirmative action to White women, they have bribed them to displace their husbands as the provider while simultaneously destroying traditional Biblical familial roles.