Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Government floods white farmers to save Afro-American slum

Farm destroyed by US government

The U.S. Corps of Engineers blasts levees and will flood over 133,000 acres of farmland in Missouri, in an attempt to protect the ruins of Cairo, Illinois, a majority Afro-American city in Obama's home state, who's population had declined by more than 80% due to Afro-American rioting during the so-called "civil rights" era. A number of people have pointed out this has not worked to stop flooding in the past. The city was flooded in 1937 after similar failed attempt to save it by blasting levees. The sad thing is this is not going help anyone.

72-year-old farmer's land to be flooded after levee blast

A Levee Blast Saves an Historic Black Illinois Town

News Missouri levee blasting

Judge says Mississippi levee can be blown up

Nearly a million acres of prime Mississippi farmland threatened by approaching mega-flood

Part of the reason why there have been so many problem in recent years is the federal government has been blocking local governments and farmers from building and maintaining levees. The Army Corps of Engineers has also been cutting down tree near levees claiming they are damaging them, when fact trees stabilize land and pervert erosion.

Army Corps issues tree chopping orders

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Maggie said...

"He's made enough money already" - a comment on the article about the 72 yea-old farmer. People have no brains anymore. This fake "compassion" is killing us.