Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Third World Adoption Goes Wrong Part II

Another case of Third World adoption gone very wrong. An American family with six children decides to adopt three Liberian children from Africa. One of the African children dies, allegedly after being whipped. But one does wonder if these children had health problems before they were adopted, and if the allegations made against this family are at least in part untrue. I do feel sorry for this family, they tried to turn to help these Africans. You can take the savage of jungle, but you can not take the jungle of the savage and turn them into good little children like the one you bore yourself-it is not going to work. I feel sorry for the six children who’s lives have been ruined by the foolishness of their parents taking in these Africans. The media is attacking No Greater Joy Ministry for promoting child training, homeschooling and patriarchy. They are I suppose in one way responsible, but not for reasons they are attacked, this is another case of multiculturalism leading to tragedy, and NGJ is all for multiculturalism and miscegenation. This family did not have any trouble with their own children, but the Africans were uncivilizable. The Liberal media and the Feminists love this story, however the real cause of this tragedy are failed cults of adoption and multiculturalism, not homeschooling or patriarchy.

Parents arrested in child’s death
Kevin Schatz, 46, and Elizabeth Schatz, 42, were booked into Butte County Jail on murder and child abuse charges. Police responded to the 500 block of Crestwood Drive at about 1 a.m. after receiving a report from Elizabeth of a female juvenile who was not breathing. Officers arrived to find the child in full cardiac arrest.

Friends, normally I don’t “name names” on Quivering Daughters. As my FAQ states, I believe for the purposes of this blog it distracts from hurting souls to make it a point to highlight particular teachers and ministries. But my heart is broken today. And sometimes not naming names leads to hurting souls. I have prayed that Michael and Debi Pearl’s ministry No Greater Joy would show compassion upon a little girl who was murdered by those who were devoted followers of their writings.

Note: The Child pictured is Momolu, a Liberian child waiting to be adopted by a nice Christian family in America, his hobbies include shooting at people, starting fires, and looting.

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Whitey Lawful's Blogspot: The spirit of the law is greater then the letter. said...

As long if the correlation is not attributed to some genetic abstraction--undermining contiousness.

Anonymous said...

The UTTER INSANITY in thinking that NGJ Ministries' are at fault in this charade, is nothing more than monstrous.

How can the actions of a couple, be blamed on a book? If that were the case, Benjamin Spock should be held guilty for 'crimes against humanity' for allowing an entire two generations to be raised as self-centered, morally immature slackers, that allowed the current four administrations!

It's this kind of cockamamie thinking that is DIRECTLY DUE to the propaganda of the left, posing as 'normalcy.'

- Fr. John

A Concerned Parent said...

Americans should not be allowed to adopt kids, period, anymore.

This country has the highest rate of child abuse and child murder at the hands of parents/guardieans right now.

This couple should be given the death penalty and be made an example of.

And the Pearls? They advise parents to beat kids with pipeline.

Cast those Pearls before swine!

Mike said...

The Bastards didn't get enough time for the murder that they did. They deserve to die and the Pearls deserve the same. Whoever would say to use a hardware utensil on a child is a murderer and deserves the most painful death.