Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Media makes welfare loafers White

Mail Online Revealed: 100,000 households on benefits higher than the average wage
Claire Davey who is about to give birth to her eighth child has never worked full-time... But rather than working to support his growing family, her 35-year-old husband Peter gave up his job as an administrator after realising they would be better off living on the state.

Sadly I doubt most welfare recipients are nice white married couples raising eight beautiful red-haired children, who love and take care reasonably good care of their children. I will bet there are a lot more alien Muhammadan families living on welfare in the UK, than British married couple. Why should he work to pay taxes to pay for welfare for alien savages? This father just stopped.

I wish more white people would get their priorities in order, which in one very important way this does, i.e. having children. This family is far perfect but they don't sound bad either. It would have been family had learn to live within their means rather than falling into the state's trap. He worked hard, his wife was a housewife and they had one chronically ill child. The tax rates in the UK are very high, he just gave up and quite his job after noticing he would get more for the state. Falling into the state's traps is something we must be careful not to do, from the sound of it this family has no idea how manage money or live within their means. Dependency is one of the main goals of the state. One hope at least these children are getting a moral upbringing, but the idleness of the father is not a good example for the children.

This is the problem of the welfare state what happens when white people stop working or it runs out of white taxpayers.and the state has been doing it's best to destroy productive white people.

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