Monday, May 10, 2010

50th anniversary of the introduction of “the pill” falls on Mother’s Day

50th anniversary of the introduction of “the pill” falls on Mother’s Day

On the 50th anniversary of “the pill” one should note, in 1960 the US out-of-wedlock birth rate was 5% (up from 2% in 1950). Today it is 38%. Sweden which has had in place the kind of "comprehensive sex education" the left has been advocating for the last fifty years has an out-of-wedlock birth rate of 55% and the birthrate is below replacement level. The irony is the the use of “contraceptives” reduces both the quality and quantity of children born. The percentage born in good and stable homes goes down. The better educated and more stable people are the fewer children they have, we are breeding for stupidity and immorality.

That reminds of a television advertisement for “the pill,” it showed a pretty young women who tells us someday her and her husband will have four children and live in a big house in Paris. (Does this woman have any idea how dirty and nasty a city Paris is these days.) But for now she tells us she is one “the pill.” Then they tell us about all the horrible things this drug can do to a woman’s body. The young woman is shown in a cramped apartment with a lap dog and a collection of pot metal Eiffel Towers. Sad…

More cultural marxism and one wonders how luck this forty year old degenerate, Faith Salie, will have getting pregnant, sadly too many woman think they anyone can do want Mrs. Duggar did. Also Faith Salie seems to be unmarried…

Faith Salie: Happy Birthday to the Pill
It’s Mother’s Day, and I won’t be receiving any cards or flowers or sweet, sloppy kisses, thanks - in large part - to the pill... But by the time I got to college in the ‘90s, virtually every young woman I knew was on the pill. It was like a rite of passage.. It was a daily ritual of responsible womanhood... control your cycle. Control your cycle; control your life. What could be more empowering? Plus it made your boobs bigger. Win-win.

It wasn’t always so simple. Some young women had to defy parents… to get it… for countless women 50 years ago, it was a miracle pill. Many of them were our moms, and they raised us to know that being a mother was not an expectation or an obligation but a choice... I'm no longer on the pill, and now I plan to be a mature, grateful mother...

Birth control pill inventor laments demographic ‘catastrophe’
The chemist who made a key discovery leading to the invention of the birth control pill has written a commentary calling demographic decline in Europe a “horror scenario” and a “catastrophe” brought on in part by the pill’s invention.

The Pill makes women pick bad mates
Ability to sniff out a compatible partner affected by taking contraceptives Birth control pills could screw up a woman's ability to sniff out a compatible mate, a new study finds.

More on the sad results of the sexual revolution...
A Review of Unprotected by Anonymous, M.D.

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