Friday, August 7, 2009

All hail the Messiah Lord Obama

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Western world, hear us! Truly, vero, wahrlich, He is the Obamassiah, sent to prove that our trust in Democracy is not a lie. For if O-Banana can be a successful president, then anyone can. Soon -- finally, at long last, God be praised, Hallelujah! -- every person will be proved equal to every other in all things, verily, für Immer und Ewig, Amen.

And on that glorious day, this too shall come to pass: That all shall see that the quest for the good, the true, and the beautiful is a pointless, hateful lie, sent by White, European devils to confound the brown, black, red, and yellow nations of the Earth. Every land shall rejoice and the peoples shall finally be free from the arbitrary rules of family, society, culture, and lo!, even from civilization itself. Every man-beast shall pour forth his desires without shame, each seeking to maximize his own pleasure and free-market efficiency as an ICU, in accordance with the holy λογος of Globo-Capitalism.

And the state shall whither away, even as the prophet Marx hath foretold; for who has need of the laws of Man when all are equal in the eyes of the Obamassiah and Democracy, Pater Noster?

Let him who hath wisdom run for the hills.