Friday, July 31, 2009

Jack Johnson, notorious Boxer/Pimp to be pardoned.

Jack Johnson, notorious Boxer/Pimp to be pardoned.

Maybe Obama will give him a posthumous Medal of Freedom next.

Throwing in the Towel: The Factual Jack Johnson vs. the Fictional Jack Johnson

A pardon for black boxer would be final victory

Johnson was a very low animal. His "wives" and "girlfriends" seems to have been harlots who freely sold themselves during their "relationships" with Johnson. He also beat and abused all of these women. Johnson helped one of his harlots set up brothel and fill it with whores, so he was a pimp not just a miscegenator and fornicator. I fail to understand why people admire this man, he was the Mike Tyson/Michael Vick of his day. He was a woman beating low-life and drunk. Oddly the quote below if from Ken Burn's website.

In March 1909, Johnson visited the Everleigh Club, an exclusive all-white bordello in Chicago's Levee District, with his manager George Little, who sidelined by collecting protection money from houses in the district for two corrupt city aldermen. Johnson, who had desired entry into the club for months, didn't have a chance to do more than just look around. But he convinced five of the girls to go for a ride with him in his car. One of them was named Belle Schreiber... The madams at the Everleigh Club fired her (and at least four other girls) after she slept with Johnson, but she was soon Johnson's new favorite, traveling with all expenses paid, plus "a little over to have in my pocketbook." But after Etta Duryea entered the picture in the fall of 1909, Schreiber was soon relegated to second-tier status. She left him twice after violent quarrels, but she had trouble finding other work. Madams fired her, or refused to hire her in the first place, because she'd been Johnson's lover. In October 1910, Johnson helped her open her own place of business — wiring her money for train fare from Pittsburgh to Chicago, then paying the first month's rent and buying all of the furniture for her own brothel. But two years later federal investigators tracked her down to a whorehouse in Washington D.C., and she became the prosecution's chief witness in Johnson's Mann Act trial.1

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