Friday, June 19, 2009

Team America: World Police" 2004 film

"Team America: World Police" 2004 film

I had some hopes that "Team America: World Police," made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of South Park might be a worth while film, but it was really bad. I thought the "Team America: World Police" was going to make fun of Neocons and the "War on Terror." I was foolish enough to think it might have some good satire, it did not.

The film is just plane bad, it's not good satire or propaganda. I found their refusal to make fun of Bush and Cheney very annoying. I might have forgiven the other problem with the film; if the film had some funny Bush and Cheney puppets. They lost all credibility by not making fun of Bushie. They must respect Bushie to much to make of him, I don't buy their claim, they did not make fun of him because everyone else was already doing so; they joined lots of bandwagons making fun of people. I was foolish enough to expect Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and Neocons. They basically passed on the best jokes; think of what could have done with the Haliburton corporation and Neocons. It is an obscene, dirty, foul, sick piece of work and not even funny for the most part, an hour and half of four-letter words, vomit, and bad jokes. The Neocons and the Freepers loved this film. In interviews after the film came out Matt Stone expressed agreement with the Neocon world-view.

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